Ship to Shore Cruises event to benefit Hospice of Randolph

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Ship to Shore Cruises event to benefit Hospice of Randolph Randolph County: Holland America Line’s “On Stage Alaska” presentation will be visiting Asheboro, NC at the historic Sunset Theatre located at 234 Sunset Avenue on Sunday afternoon, February 8th at 3:00 pm. The live event will be brought to you by Ship to Shore Cruises & Travel and provides a glimpse into the state’s history, spectacular scenery, wildlife and local hospitality for travelers interested in planning an Alaska vacation. The presentation also showcases destinations in the Yukon Territory that are available on some Holland America Line Land+Sea Journeys. The program, produced by Holland America Line, includes the line’s Alaska Land+Sea Journey destination film and features an entertaining and informative presentation by people who have lived and worked in Alaska. The line’s popular Land+Sea Journeys combine a Holland America Line cruise with pre- or post-cruise overland explorations ranging from 1-13 days. “On Stage Alaska” will also highlight information about Holland America Line’s Alaska cruise itineraries. Holland America Line has been Alaska’s leading tour operator for more than 65 years. The line has seven premium ships in the region offering 130 Alaska cruises and more than 20 different Land+Sea Journey programs in 2014. Door prizes will be given out during the presentation and general admission of $5.00 per person will be collected at the door for admission which will benefit Hospice of Randolph County, the county’s leading provider of specialized end-of-life hospice care. To make a reservation for the local “On Stage Alaska” presentation, contact Sandra Allen, Ship to Shore Cruise & Travel by February 5th, at (336) 498-3559 (or ) by emailing:

Show your Hospice Heart by Volunteering. We Need You!

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Show your Hospice Heart by Volunteering.  We Need You!

Volunteer Training for 2015 is set for Saturday, January 17th, 9am to 3pm.  Hospice of Randolph County operates under Medicare guidelines and a part of these policies states that we are required to offer volunteer services to our patients and their families.  It may be that an individual has no family nearby or they are like most of us – they have to work – leaving the individual by themselves throughout the day and it just isn’t safe for them to be alone for a long period of time.  Sometimes the primary caregiver is with the patient 24/7 and they simply need a break – time to get some much needed rest, go get a haircut, grocery shop, do some banking or go to a doctor’s appointment they have been putting off because there was no one to assist.  Simply providing emotional support, a listening ear or possibly doing some light housework would be a great help.  Now with the addition of the Randolph Hospice House, there are additional opportunities in which people can volunteer whether it is patient related or office related.  If interested, call Lisa Huffman, Volunteer Coordinator, at (336) 672-9300 by January 14th (or) email her at   The following opportunities are available as well:

  • Office Tasks – (Filing, copying, typing, mailings, answering phone calls, etc.)
  • Practical Work – (handyman work on campus or a patient’s home, watering plants, folding laundry, etc.)
  • Special Events – (we host several volunteer-driven, fundraising events throughout the year)

Hospice of Randolph & First Baptist Church Partner for 2015 “Grief-Share” Program

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Grief Share

GriefShare:  is a helpful, encouraging 13 week faith based seminar for people facing life after a loved one’s death. The seminar will begin at 6:15pm on  Wednesday, January 14,  with weekly meetings each Wednesday evening for 13 weeks.

The seminar features practical suggestions and reassurance through video interviews with counselors, grief experts and other people who have experienced loss and the grief that is associated with it.

Sessions will include a workbook (minimal cost of $15.00), video presentation and a time for individual sharing and reflection. Insights and suggestions will be offered to help those who are struggling with a personal loss. Sessions will be held at First Baptist Church, 133 North Church Street in Asheboro, NC, beginning at 6:15pm and ending around 7:45pm.  Child care can be provided if you pre-register for this service need in advance.

For more information and to pre-register (by January 12, 2015), call Hospice of Randolph County at 672-9300, or email Rodney Otwell at

Story of Hope

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Lana Johnson Color

Choose-day Tuesday

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Choose-day Tuesday Flyer - December 9, 2014

Story of Hope

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Dorothy Hampton

Donor Listing Correction

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                                       Public Apology Ad


                                           Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                               List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                 Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

ABWA Mid Day Professionals                                           Mr. Richard Barsz

AC Corporation                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Billy and Roberta Baxter

Ms. Elizabeth Winston Acierno                                          Mr. and Mrs. Phil and Sheila Baxter

Acme McCrary Corporation                                              BB&T Insurance Services, Inc

Acorn Ridge Baptist Church Ladies Flower                        Ms. Cathy Beam

Mr. and Mrs. Gene and Marilyn Aderhold                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Freda Beaver

Aetna Foundation                                                             Mr. Robert Beeler

AHAM Meditation Retreat                                                Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Sugar Berry

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Sandra Allen                             Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Jacquelyn Betts

Ms. Elizabeth Allen                                                          Ms. Courtney Betts

Ms. Barbara F. Allred                                                       Mrs. Patricia Bigsby

Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Ann Allred                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Miriam Bivins

Mr. Thomas W. Allred                                                      Mr. and Mrs. William and Phyllis Bizzell

Alpha Delta Kappa                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Patsy Black

Ms. Naomi Ambrose                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Sidney and Shannon Blake

Americamp RV Sales, Inc                                                  Mr. and Mrs. William and Wanna Blanton

Ameriprise Financial, Inc.                                                  Mr. Bailey Bledsoe

Ms. Gail Amick                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Madeleine

Amity Hills Baptist Church                                                Mr. & Mrs. Willis and Martha Jane

Ms. Annie Lee Andrews                                                    Mrs. Diane F. Boone

Ms. Betty Andrews                                                           Ms. Janet Booth

Mr. Steven Andrews                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Gayle Bowers

Anonymous                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Rex and Ann Bowlin

Anonymous Donation                                                       Mr. and Mrs. James and Deborah Bowman

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church                                   Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Wanda Bowman

Appian Digital Inc.                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Lacy and Mara Bowman

Mr. Andy Archibald                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Salley Bradford

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold and Brenda Arrington                       Dr. and Mrs. Tony and Gay Bradley

Mr. and Mrs. Marion and Ann Asbill                                 Miss Emily Bradshaw

Ms. Delores Ashby                                                           Ms. Debra T. Brady

Asheboro Recycling Center                                               Mr. & Mrs. Isaac and Claudette Brady

Asheboro Woman’s Club                                                  Ms. Mary Braswell

Association Of Happiness For All Mankind                        Ms. Lisa Carter Bray

Ms. Anne W. Auman                                                        Ms. Nettie Bresee

Mr. Henry Austin                                                              Ms. Peggy Brewer

Mrs. Hilda Ayers                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Eva Ann Brewer

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Brenda Bailey                                 Mr. T.C. Brewer

Mr. Talmadge Baker                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Martha Bristow

Mr. and Mrs. William and Rachel Baker                             Mrs. Iris W Bristow

Baltimore Washington Business Brokerage                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Darlene Bristow

Ms. Marie Bargerstock                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy and Cindy Brooks

Mr. and Mrs. William and Patsyanna Barker                       Mr. and Mrs. Banks and Brenda Brower

Mr. and Mrs. William and Annie Barnes                            Ms. Hilda D. Brower

Ms. Doris Jean Barrett                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Vicki Brower


                                                    Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                       List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                               Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Ms. Celia Brown                                                               Mr. David Caughron

Mr. Danny Ray Brown                                                      Central Falls Baptist Church

Ms. Emma Brown                                                             Chambers Fabrics, Inc

Mr. & Mrs. Jay and Cheryl Brownfield                               Mr. David Cheek

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Sylvia Brown                                Mr. & Mrs. Don and Barbara Childers

Mr. Gregory Brown                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Edgar and Shelby Chriscoe

Mr. and Mrs. Bo and Debra Browning                               Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Patsy Cimini

Mr. Joseph Brown                                                            Clapp Brothers Tractor & Implement

Ms. Linda H. Brown                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Barbara Cleek

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond and Sharon Brown                           Mr. Locke T. Clifford

Ms. Roberta Brown                                                          Ms. Norris E. Clippinger

Mrs. Imogene K. Bulla                                                     Ms. Dianne Cobb

Mr. and Mrs. Darrell and Martha Bullock                           Ms. Eileen Coble

Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward and Nancy Bunch                        Ms. June H. Cochran

Mrs. Frances Bunton                                                         Mrs. Bernice Cockerham

Mr. And Mrs. Bobby and Denise Burgess                           Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Anne Cockerham

Ms. Phoebe Burkheart                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Judith Cole

Mrs. John Burns                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Rusty and Carrie Coleman

Mrs. Betty Burrow                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Billy and Alice Cook

Mr. and Mrs. James and Ellen Burwell                              Ms. Glenda Cook

Mr. Paul Byme                                                                 Mr. Ronald L. Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Billy and Faye Byrd                                     Ms. Ellen Cooper

Ms. Ilene Byrd                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Dorothy Cooper

Mr. Keith Byrd                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Barbara Corgan

Ms. Teena Byrd                                                                Mr. Hoyle Cornelison

Mr. and Mrs. Dale and Celeste Byrnes                               Mr. Leo Cornelison

Mr. and Mrs. Donnie and Shelia Cagle                               Ms. Janna D Correll

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Amy Cagle                                   Mr. and Mrs. Leland and Jacqueline Cottle

Mr. and Mrs. Clinton and Kasey Callicutt                           Barbara Councilman

Ms. Lois Callicutt                                                             Ms. Ann T. Cox

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Callicutt                                               Ms. Anne V. Cox

Mrs. Ruby P. Callicutt                                                      Ms. Debra Cox

Ms. Dorothy Campbell                                                      Mrs. Dianne D. Cox

Mrs. LaRue Campbell                                                       Ms. Edna Cox

Mrs. Suzy L. Campbell                                                     Mrs. Elaine Cox

Carl Concrete Construction                                               Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Donna Cox

Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Meredith Carlberg                          Ms. Lisa Cox

Carolina Donor Services                                                   Ms. Sarah Cox

Mr. and Mrs. R.W. and Frances Carter, Jr.                        Mr. William Cox

Ms. Crystal D. Carter                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Sherita Cranford

Ms. Libby Carter                                                             Ms. Elaine Craven

Mr. and Mrs. Davis and Alisa Cashatt                               Mr. & Mrs. Ernest and Mazie Craven

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Jonni Catlett                                   Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Jocelyn Craven

Mr. and Mrs. Gene and Elaine Caudill                              Ms. Kathleen Craven


                                                    Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                       List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                   Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Mr. and Mrs. Skipper and Laura Creed                               Energizer

Mrs. Geraldine M. Croker                                                 Energizer Battery Company

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Robin Croom                                  Mr. John L. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Martha Crotty                              Ms. Judith Evans-Marino

Mr. James M. Culberson, Jr.                                             Exhale A Salon

Ms. Kay B. Curtis                                                            Falvey Steel Castings, Inc

Ms. Sue Curtis                                                                 Farmer Civitan Club, Inc

Cycle Center, Inc.                                                             Fidelity Charitable

Mr. & Mrs. C. Wayne and Cindy Davidson                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Judy Fields

Mr. Mark Davidson                                                          Mrs. Mary Hannon Finch

Ms. Betty Davis                                                                First Baptist Church

Ms. Betty G Davis                                                            First Baptist Church – Randleman

Mr. Charles Davis                                                             First Baptist Church of Jamestown

Ms. Cindy Davis                                                               First Evangelical and Reformed Church

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. and Claire Davis                                   First Presbyterian Church

Ms. Margaret Davis                                                          First United Methodist Church U.M.W.

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Kay Davis                                Mr. and Mrs. George and Mazie Fleetwood

Mr. and Mrs. William and Peggy Davis                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Janis Flynn

Ms. Lynda S. De Friess                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Sue Fogleman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James and Brenda Deaton                             Mr. & Mrs. Wayne and Joyce Fogleman

Dedon Inc                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John and Shirley Ford

Mr. and Mrs. James and Barbara Dennis                            Forks of Little River Baptist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Kathie Dennison                            Dr. Stuart Fountain

Ms. Heather Desormeaux                                                 Four Seasons Furniture Ind. LLC

Mr. Michael Deutsch                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James and Peggy Fox

Dr. and Mrs. Malkiat & Teresa Dhatt                                 Mr. and Mrs. David and Deborah Francis

Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Ann Dieckmann                         Franklinville Elementary School

Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Dingivan                                    Mr. & Mrs. James and Patty Frazier

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Denise Divincenzo                    Dr. Cheryl G. Freeman

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer and Helen Dixon                               Freeman’s Florist Gifts

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Onita Dixon                                  Mr. John Freeze

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt and Linda Dorsett                               Mr. Gary Frick

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Matella Drum                          Friendship Baptist Church

Mr. Douglas D. Duing                                                     FROGSWITCH

Mrs. Beth Whitley Duncan                                               Ms. Joanne Frye

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Pamela Durand                         Ms. Janice Fuller

Mr. and Mrs. Carey and Billie Durham                              Ms. Katie Furr

Mrs. Sarah Earnhardt                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Kaua Gallegly

Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Eblin                                           Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Shirley Galliher

Ms. Kristin V. Edmonds                                                   Mrs. Barbara Gallimore

Ms. Anna Edmundson                                                      Ms. Sharon Gallimore

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Katherine Edwards                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Linda Game

Ms. Linda Eells                                                               Mr. Frank Gariano

Ms. Nancy Ellison                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Terri Garne


                                                 Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                 List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                 Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Mr. and Mrs. Roberta and Lee Gavin                                  Ms. Carol Sue Haught

Mr. W. Ed Gavin                                                              Ms. Judy R Hayes

GE United Way Campaign                                                Mr. and Mrs. Roger and Faye Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Martha Geyer                             Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Suzanne Hayes

Mr. and Mrs. Carl and Mildred Gibson                              Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Wanda Haywood

Gill & Tobias, LLP                                                          Health First

Mr. & Mrs. Carson and Sharon Gilmore                            Mr. and Mrs. David and Hilda Hedgecock

Ms. Laura Gilmore                                                           Henry James Bar-B-Que

Ms. Betty C. Glass                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Louis and Barbara Herzog

Mrs. Joann Glass                                                              Ms. Nira Heyer

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Elizabeth Glass                               Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie and Joyce Hiatt

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth and Rena Gobble                             Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Linda Hicks

Mrs. Patricia Goodson                                                      Mr. and Mrs. James and Angela Hightower

Mr. & Mrs. Clifton & Terry Gordon                                 Ms. Barbara J. Hill

Mrs. Charlotte Graham                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy and Pam Hill

Grays Chapel Lion Club                                                   Ms. Johnsie H. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil and Joann Greene                                Mrs. Keri Hilsinger

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck and Judy Greene                                Ms. Patricia Hinshaw

Mr. and Mrs. Malcome and Patty Greeson                          Mr. and Mrs. Hal and Teresa Hodgin

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Roxanne Greever                             Mr. & Mrs. Harold and Hilda Hodgin

Greystone Sales LLC                                                        Ms. Hilda Hodgin

Mr. Neal Griffin, III                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Marcia Hoepfl

Mr. and Mrs. Neal and Julia Griffin                                   Mrs. Betty Hogan

Ms. Shirley Griffin                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Carol Holleman

Mr. Brian Grogan                                                             Mr. and Mrs. T.R. and Mary Ann

Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Sandra Grose                                 Home Instead Senior Care

Guilford County Board of Commissioners                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Debbie

Mr. Graham Gully                                                             Mr. And Mrs. Wesley and Sandi Hopkins

Mr. and Mrs. Archie and Peggy Hackney                            Mr. and Mrs. James and Veda Howell

Mrs. Judy S. Hale                                                             Mr. Robert L. Hubbard

Mr. and Mrs. Barry and Diane Hall                                    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Denise Hudson

Ms. Jean H. Hamilton                                                       Ms. Peggy D. Huff

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hamrick                                        Ms. Joan Huggins-Pfaff

Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Sandra Hamrick                             Mrs. Bonnie B. Hughes

Mr. James Hanner                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Mary H. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and Mildred Hansen                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Patricia Hughes

Ms. Ruby Hansen                                                             Ms. Elizabeth C. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Bennie and Hilda Harden                              Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Sharon Hughes

Mr. Joseph Hardin                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Sharon Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hardin                                        Mr. Zachary A Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Nancy Harper                                Mr. and Mrs. David and Wanda Hunt

Mr. and Mrs. E V and E C Hart                                       Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Nancy Hunter

Ms. Lonna Brinkley Hart                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Ingrid Hunt

Mrs. Martha Harvell                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Karen Hurley


                                                    Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                        List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                      Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Ms. Helen Hutchens                                                          Ms. Ruby Kiser

Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Debbie Ingold                                Ms. Gloria Kivett

Ms. Rose J. Inman                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Odell and Patty Kivett

Insect Shield Services, LLC                                               Ms. Janice Kizziah

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby and Debbie Irvin                                Mr. Robert Knight

Mr. and Mrs. William W. Ivey                                          Ms. Susan M Koehler

J.R. Watkins Naturals                                                       Ms. Florence M. Koenig

James River Companies LLC Store #14                              Ladies Class First Wesleyan Church

Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Betty James                                    Ms. Lucille G. Lambe

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence and Karen James                              Mr. and Mrs. Winford and Doris Lambert

Mrs. Kathleen H. Jarrell                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Doug and Jenny Langley

Mr. & Mrs. Max and Lola Ann Jarrell                                Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Rhonda Lang

Ms. Sondrah H. Jarrell                                                      Mr. G. Steven Leathers

Mr. & Mrs. James R Jeffreys, Jr.                                      Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert and Jeanne Leathers

Ms. Donna Jenkins                                                            Mrs. Gail Ledford

Mr. Bucky Jernigan                                                           Dr. & Mrs. Charles and Betty Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Sandra Jernigan                          Mr. And Mrs. William and Char Lee

Ms. Rachel Jessie                                                              Legacy Planning Alliance

Jimmy John’s                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Lee Leggett

Mr. Benjamin Lewis Johnson                                             Ms. Lynne Lehrer

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Charlotte Ann                                  Ms. Melanie Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Mack and Alice Johnson                                Mr. and Mrs. Neal and Debbie Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Myra Johnson                               Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Betty Leonard

Mr. and Mrs. Randal and Joan Johnson                              Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Judy Lewallen

Ms. Vickie C. Johnson                                                      Ms. Linda Lewis

Dr. George B Johnston                                                      Liberty Fellowship Church

Ms. Brenda Jones                                                             Lincoln National Life

Dr. and Mrs. David and Janet Jones                                    Ms. Lou Ellen Lineberry

Ms. Lillian B. Jordan                                                        Ms. Sheryn Lineberry

Mr. Leon Joyner, Jr.                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Tommy and Denise Lineberry

Mrs. G. W. Joyner                                                            Mr. Larry Linthicum

Just-Kris Distributing, Inc                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Debbie Little

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Blanche Keller                                Loflin Fabrication, LLC

Rev. and Mrs. A.J. and Martha Kendrick                           Mr. Curtis Lohwasser

Ms. Patricia Kendrick                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Henry and Julia Loy

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Angela Keys                                Mr. Herbert Loy

Ms. Mary H. King                                                           Ms. Janice Loy

Dr. & Mrs. James and Wendy Kinlaw                               Mr. and Mrs. George and Loretta Lutman

Mr. Douglas Kinney                                                        Ms. Allison Luton

Mr. & Mrs. John and Janice Kinney                                 Dr. Manjunath Mahadevappa

Ms. Linda E. Kinney                                                       Ms. Faedene Maness

Mrs. Sue Kirby                                                               Mr. and Mrs. James and Ronda Maness

Ms. Jewell Kirkman                                                        Ms. Doreen Marlowe

Ms. Lynda H. Kirkman                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Virginia W


                                                  Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                     List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                   Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Debra Maroney, Jr.                         Moon’s Chapel Baptist Church

Mr. and Mrs. John and Doris Marshall                                Ms. Margaret A. Moore

Mr. James Martinez                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Audrey Morrison

Ms. Elizabeth M. Mason                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Doryn Morton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ann Mason                                  Mr. and Mrs. Mac and Kristen Moss

Ms. Rene Massey                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Nicole Mossman

Mr. & Mrs. Burnie and Sherry McAllister, III                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Donna Moss

Ms. Beverly McCain                                                         Ms. Vicki P. Moss

Mr. and Mrs. David and Elizabeth McCain                          Mountain of Faith Christian Church

Mrs. Sigrid N McCain                                                      Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church

Ms. Carolyn McCallum                                                     Mr. and Mrs. William and Brenda Mulford

Dr. Christine H. McCarty                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Patricia Myers

Mrs. Charles (Mildine) McCaskill                                     Ms. Tina Nabors

Mr. and Mrs. Lauren and Carol McDowell                         Ms. Donna Nance

Mr. and Mrs. Tony McDowell                                          Mr. Gary W. Nance

Ms. Martha McGill                                                          Ms. Ira E. Nance

Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Terry McGinty                              Ms. Ruth B. Nance

Mrs. Mary J. McIntosh                                                     Ms. Sherry Nance

Ms. Jewel A McKee                                                         Mr. Thomas D. Naylon

Mr. William D. McKee                                                     Mr. David Neeley

Mr. and Mrs. Willie and Anna McLaurin                           Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie J Newsom

Mr. & Mrs. Cary and Doris McMasters                            Mr. and Mrs. Donnie and Felicia Newton

Mr. & Mrs. Ed and Jettie McMasters                                Mr. Eric D Newton

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Joretta McNeill                        Mr. and Mrs. Raymond and Patricia Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. L.P. McPherson                                         Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Martha Norman

Mr. and Mrs. Rick and Kathy McPherson                         North Pointe Archdale

Mr. Gene Megerian                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Jacqueline

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Georgia Menius                         Ms. Jane Oakley

Mrs. Judith Merritt                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Ann O’Briant

Mrs. Evelyn Michelle                                                     Ms. Noelle O’Connor

Mr. Elwood Miller                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Dorothy Osborne

Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Betty Miller                                 Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Joanne Overcash

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Judy Miller                                Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth B. Owen

Mr. Tony Miller                                                              P & J’s Diner

Mr. Troy W Millikan                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Carol Parke

Mr. Larry Mills                                                               Dr. Johnny and Mrs. Cindy Parker

Dr. and Mrs. Bill and Susan Milner                                   Mr. John Park

Elizabeth Mitchell                                                            Parkway South Homeowners Association, Inc

Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Teresa Mitchem                           Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Wanda Parrish

Mr. and Mrs. James and Marie Moffitt                             Ms. Liz Pate

Mrs. Rebecca P. Moffitt                                                  Patterson Grove Christian Church

Ms. Rhonda B. Moffitt                                                   Ms. Janice Patterson

Mr. and Mrs. Walker and Joanne Moffitt                          Ms. Michelle Peck

Mr. and Mrs. Tom and Marie Moody                               Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Bev Petersen


                                                    Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                        List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Mr. and Mrs. Butch and Brenda Petty                                 Mr. and Mrs. William and Camille Redding,

Mr. Maurice Petty                                                             Ms. Kimberly Regan

Ms. Sara Anne Phillips                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jedd and Hilda Reid

Ms. Dona Pickett                                                              Ms. Tammy Reid

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Cynthia Pierce                              Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Ms. Ruby Pierce                                                               Renewal by Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. David and Debbie Pike                                  Mr. David R. Renfro

Pinecroft Baptist Church                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Nan Rex

Pinewood Country Club                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Sarah D. Reynolds

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Nancy Pittman                          Ms. Delores A. Ribas

Pleasant Ridge Christian Church                                       Mr. and Mrs. Reid and Karen Rich, Jr.

Mrs. Lucille Poe                                                              Richard Childress Racing Nationwide Shops

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Janet Poole                                  Mr. Brent Richardson

Ms. Shelby M. Poole                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Swannie Richardson

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Porpeglia, Jr.                               Ms. Sandra Richardson

Portable Structures LLC                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Shirley Ridge

Ms. Ann H. Poupalos                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Phillip and Meredith Ridge

Mr. Fred Powell                                                              Mr. Tim Ridge

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Sharon Powell                          Ms. Tena Ritter

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy R. Preslar                                         Mr. and Mrs. Billy and Rhonda Lee Roach,

Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary R. Prettyman                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerald and Sharon Robbins

Ms. Betty Price                                                                Ms. Marie Robbins

Ms. Gayle C. Price                                                           Ms. Millie Y. Robbins

Mr. Jeff Prince                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Helen Robel

Mr. Richard Prokopowich                                                 Mr. Lee Roberts

Pugh Funeral Home                                                          Mr. P.E. Robertson

Mr. and Mrs. David and Louise Pugh                                Ms. Wanda Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. J. Floyd and Dixie Pugh                               Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Odell and Edie Pugh                                    Dr. and Mrs. John and Joyce S. Rogers

Ms. Lynne Qualls                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Carol Routh

Mrs. Rose Quesenberry                                                    Royal Manor Home Owners Association

H. Barringer Distributing Co., Inc. Ms. Marjorie Royal

Mr. and Mrs. Garth and Barbara Radley                            RPAC Racing, LLC

Ramseur Civitans Club                                                     Ms. Elsie Rucki

Ramseur Gospel Chapel                                                    Mr. And Mrs. Ward and Beth Russell

Randolph Community College                                          Mr. and Mrs. William (Bill) and Joyce

Randolph County Administration                                      Safe Bathing Walk in Tubs

Randolph Rotary Club                                                      Mr. Eric Sanders

Ms. Cornelia Rankin                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Elizabeth Sanders

Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Marjorie Rankin                             Sawyersville Wesleyan Church

Mrs. Joy Ratliffe                                                              Mr. Steven D. Scarboro

Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Patricia Ray                                   Schaffer Manufacturing

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy and Betsy Reagan                            Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Launa Schneider

Red Cross Baptist Church                                                Ms. Cindy Schroder

                                                    Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                         List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                    Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

Mr. and Mrs. Willis and Martha Schweppe                        Spoons Chapel Christian Church

Science Hill Friends Meeting                                             Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Nancy Spruill

Ms. Betty Scruggs                                                            Mr. Paul Spurr

Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Marion Sharpe                              Stan Byrd Realtors

Ms. Lenora C. Shaw                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy and Sharon Stanley

Mr. Sherrill W. Shaw                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Amee Stewart

Mrs. Marie Shelley                                                           Mrs. Elsie Stone

Ms. Brenda Sheron                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Coy and Janet Stout

Mrs. Sandra K. Shivas                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Donald and Diane Strider

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Eileen Shober                                  Mr. and Mrs. John and Dianne Stropp

Mrs. Peggy Y Sholar                                                         Summerfayre HOA

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby and Betty Short                                    Ms. Loucille J. Swaim

Mr. James and Dorothy Sibbett                                          Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Dorothy Swing

Ms. Judy Siler                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. George and Claire Sword

Mr. Steven Siler                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell and Amy Sykes

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Maria q Simmons                             Mr. and Mrs. Bud and Anna Talley

Ms. Janice Simpson                                                           Mr. Alan T. Tapscott

Ms. Kay Simpson                                                              Mrs. Betty Taylor

Dr. McCall A. Sink                                                            Mr. and Mrs. H.J. and Shirley Taylor

Sir Pizza – Dixie Drive                                                       Ms. Helen M. Teter

Sir Pizza of Asheboro, Inc.                                                The Table Bakery, LLC

Sir Pizza of Randleman, INC.                                            Thomas Built Buses, Inc.

Sisters of Mercy McAuley Convent                                    Mrs. Ann Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Lynda Skeen                              Mr. & Mrs. D. Wayne and Brenda Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. William and Carol Skinner                            Mr. and Mrs. Jasper and Carolyn Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Nita Smith                                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert and Martha E Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Brady and Mildred Smith                              Ms. Sandra Stewart Thomas

Ms. Carole H. Smith                                                         Mr. Tony Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney and Donna Smith                              Mrs. Benton Thompson

Mrs. Sarah Smith                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Percy and Peggy Thompson

Mr. and Mrs. Terrell and Edith Smith                                 Mr. and Mrs. Phillip and Lisa Thompson

Mr. L. T. Snead                                                                Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Threadgill

Mr. G. Fred Snider                                                            Ms. Brenda Tillett

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn and Blanche Snider                              Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Gina Toomes

Snyder McDonal & Co LLP                                               Mr. and Mrs. Bob and Donna Townsend

Something Different                                                         Trinity Baptist Church

Mr. Michael Sommerville                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Norman and Doris C Trogdon

Sophia Baptist Church                                                      Mr. Randall Trogdon

Sophia Christian Church                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Raiford and Margene Troutman

South Plainfield Friends Meeting                                      Truist

Southern Pride Trucking, Inc                                            Mr. and Mrs. William and Janet Tyler

Southern States Asheboro Service                                     Mr. and Mrs. Howard and Phyllis Tysor

Mr. and Mrs. James and Mary Spears                               Mrs. Cheryl Umbaugh

Miss Goldia Spivey                                                         Mrs. Douglas and Sarah Underwood


                                                    Hospice of Randolph County, Inc.

                                                       List of Donors During Period

Thursday, October 23, 2014                                                Donation Dates Between 1/1/2014 and 6/30/2014

United Brass Works, Inc.                                                 Drs. Brandon and Amy Williams, DDS, PA

United Way – Valley of the Sun                                         Ms. Arlene Williams

United Way of Forsyth County                                          Ms. Delores A. Williams

United Way of Forsyth County, Inc.                                  Ms. Doris A Williams

United Way of Greater Greensboro                                    Ms. Gayle W. Williams

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette                            Mrs. Iris Williams

United Way of the Greater Triangle                                    Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Regina Williamson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Paula Unrue                                  Mr. and Mrs. David and Angie Wilson

Mrs. Dana Urbanski                                                          Ms. Nellie Wilson

Ms. Patricia Ussery                                                           Ms. Sue Wilson

Ms. Carolyn Vickrey                                                         Ms. Vickie Lynn Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. John and Nancy Voncannon,                         Windermere East Homeowners

Vulcan Materials Company                                               Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Cindy Wood

Mr. & Mrs. George A. Vuncannon                                    Ms. Mary Wood

W O W Camp 921                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Janice Wooten

Ms. Shirley Wagner                                                         Mrs. Betty Workman

Walker Terrace Townhome Assoc., Inc.                            Mr. and Mrs. Larry and Vivian Wright

Mr. and Mrs. John and Cheryl Walker                              Ms. Emogene Yarborough

Mr. Mark Walker                                                            Mr. and Mrs. C.L. and Gloria Yarbrough

Mr. And Mrs. Michael and Beth Walker                           Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Kathy Yates

Mr. and Mrs. Mike and Beth Walker                                Mr. and Mrs. Julian and Ann Yelton

Mr. John Wallace                                                            York Living Trust

Ms. Sheila K Wall                                                           Ms. Bonnie York

Ms. Joy Ward                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Guy E York

Ms. Sherry Warner                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Nancy York

Mrs. Myra W. Waters                                                      Ms. Linda York

Mr. and Mrs. Lou and Denise Watkins                              Ms. Lisa York

Mr. Thomas Watkins                                                       Mr. Matthew York

Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Linda Waugh                              Mr. and Mrs. Todd and Kelly York

Wayne Lee King Estate                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Cathy York

Wayne Thomas Chevrolet Cadillac                                  Ms. Aphia W. Young

Mr. & Mrs. James and Margaret Weaver                          Mr. & Mrs. E. C.and  Jean Younts

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Janine Webb                      Ms. Ann Yow

Mr. and Mrs. William and Elizabeth Webber                    Mr. and Mrs. Bobby K. Yow

Ms. Robin Webster                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Denise Yow

Ms. Shannon Wentz

West Chapel United Methodist Church

Mr. and Mrs. Danny and Barbara West

Mrs. Susan Whinery

Mr. and Mrs. Don and Renee Whitaker

Mrs. Faylene Whitaker

Ms. Tara Whitesel

Ms. Delores Wilkes

Mr. Gorman D. Wilkes

Hospice of Randolph to offer Holiday Support

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Grief Share.jpg

A GriefShare “Surviving the Holidays” seminar, will be held on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at Hospice of Randolph County from 6:00-8:00 pm, offering practical, actionable strategies for making it through the holiday season. At this two-hour seminar, you’ll view a video featuring advice from people in grief who have faced the holidays after their loss. You’ll hear insights from respected Christian counselors, pastors and psychologists. You’ll receive a Holiday Survival Guide with over 30 encouraging readings, helpful charts and tips to manage the holiday season during this difficult time.

At GriefShare Surviving the Holidays, you’ll meet with other grieving people who have an understanding of what you’re going through. They won’t judge you or force you to share, but will accept you where you are and will offer comfort and support. “When I went to GriefShare,” said a participant, “I realized there are different ways to grieve.”

Your holiday season won’t be easy; your emotions may ambush you and suck you under at times. But you can choose to walk through this season in a way that honors your loved one and puts you on the path of health and healing. The event is FREE but you are asked to pre-register by November 4th.

To register or find out more about GriefShare “Surviving the Holidays”, call Rodney Otwell at 336-672-9300 (or) email